McKinley: female friendships?

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Date: Sat Apr 25 1998 - 11:07:34 PDT

would anyone else like to see robin write a book about a female-female friendship? she does have some such frienships between women and their nurse-maids/servants, but these relationships are never fully developed. i know having two prominent female characters in the same book wouldn't allow for the one central heroine that robin usually has(marian and cecily were both strong females in the same book, but their friendship wasn't as fully addressed), and i know female relationships may not be as exciting as male-female romances, but couldn't there be a woman to woman friendship as well as a romance within the same book? (i'm not criticizing robin's past books, since i know female friendships weren't the point, i just mean that in the future i'd like to see her write about them...)p.s. - don't bother writing back to my e-mail address since i won't be able to use it again till fall...
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