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Rose Daughter

WOW!!! I got RD the first day it was available and read it in two days. I loved it. Beauty was good, and one of my favorites, but RD just blew it away. Right now my copy is circulating among my circle of friends who all adore Robin. I waited until most of them were done before I posted this so that I could add some of their comments too. If the origainal tale of Beauty and the Beast was a thread, Beauty was a an embroidery, and RD is a tapestry. This two books really demonstrate how Robin's style has matured and become so awe inspiring. Beauty was a lovely little story, but this is a work of art! The story was so full and entrenching, it really pulled you in. I loved that it was a mystery, bits and pieces being dropped along the way, just enought to make it impossible to put down but not so much as to give everything away. RD is one of the best examples of Robin's incredible ability. I can't wait to read the sequel to Hero, its bound to be unbelievable.

From: Christine Hamon
Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 23:54:43 (EST)