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Do NOT read this book (I'm not referring to "Beauty")

Everyone, be forewarned: there is an absolutely hideous teen romance out there called "The Rose," that purports to be a retelling of "Beauty and the Beast." Beware! Do not pick it up, at a library or a bookstore! Do not read it! Apparently the author (I won't do her the honor of remembering her name) didn't do any research at all on the original tale, and simply wrote her version off Disney's B&TB -- which I love, but this is ridiculous! She lifts certain characters and entire chunks of dialogue from the movie -- there's a scene where "Bonnie" is reading, and her solitude is invaded by one "Gary," who demands that she go out with him right then -- it's horrible, especially for anyone used to Robin! Avoid it at all costs! (I shouldn't have picked it up, and I shouldn't have expected very much; after all, it *is* a teen romance. But it's worse than the usual.) And what's worse than that? It's part of a teen romance fairy-tale retellings SERIES!! Watch out! Don't dignify these books with your time! I'm ashamed to have this one still in my bedroom! AAGGGH!

From: Cheryl, who thanks you for allowing her to vent
Saturday, August 02, 1997 at 23:44:58 (EDT)