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Ærin's wanderings in time; and the 3rd book

I just finished re-reading Hero (again), for the first time since reading Elizabeth's theory. I was wondering, if she's correct, about something Ærin sees right before the "tall young woman with yellow hair". It says (pg. 181): "A sad-faced girl sat by a pool. The white walls around her were so high there seemed to be clouds resting on their heads; low steps behind her led to an open door, and a room beyond it. There were no doors in the other walls, and the flat earth around the pool was covered in squares of white stone. The girl's long black hair fell forward as she stared into the calm water, and her look of sadness deepened." All right, if Harry and Ærin are fighting simultaneoulsy (sp?), why not a third person? Aren't Sword and Hero supposed to belong to a trilogy? If so, perhaps the black-haired girl Ærin saw will be fighting her own demon in the last book. How's that sound to everyone? Also, if Ærin was fighting Agsded in what was, for her, the future, and Harry was fighting Thurra in her present, then maybe the sad-faced girl will be fighing her monster in what is to her the past. I'll re-read Sword as soon as the friend I lent it to gets it back to me, and check this corrolary to Elizabeth's theory out. In the meantime, please comment! Oh, yes, another thing. After Ærin sees Harry (?), there is a description of three men talking to each other, in front of a "crack or hole in the face of the mountain". Any ideas? Fare thee well, Alis

From: Alisma
Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 23:43:37 (EDT)