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aerin the time-traveler

I have spent many hours reading your chats. So, no one has figured out if Aerin is dead? Has anyone else lost sleep over this or is it just me? Luthe says "I'm afraid you are no longer quite...mortal," but that doesn't mean she is immortal. She could just live a couple hundred years more than usual. Of course, Luthe also said he, himself, is"not quite mortal either" and he still lives. So where is aerin in SWORD? also, in SWORD Luthe says "Aerin WAS like that....Aerin WAS very dear to me." Past tense. As if she is gone. And he said his two worlds were the past and the present. I have a theory, do you want to hear it? Well tough, I'm stating it anyway,heregoes... Could it be that as things are going on in SWORD, Aerin is still climbing up the stone tower (through time)? She has not yet returned to Damar and not yet killed Agsded. In fact, Agsded and Thurra are one in the same and Harry and Aerin kill him together. After all, in the end of both books, a pile of rubble is left: HERO: "She was on the flat top of a small mountain of rubble...the black tower had risen from a plain where nothing grew; now all around her she saw jungle, trees...." SWORD: "There was nothing like the stone knoll where Harry had stood...trees...stood high overhead..."there is no valley...the northerners are now lying under a very large pile of rock..." Also, Aerin dreams of Harry as Luthe drags her BACK in time. "Then Aerin, in her dream, saw another walled garden, but the water here played in a fountain, and the walls were blue mosaic; and in the garden stood a tall young woman with yellow hair." In this garden, Harry dreams of Aerin, "and in her sleep she saw Aerin-sol again, and Aerin smiled at her" Could it be that the two books do not chronicle each other, but happen simultaneously? The glimpses Harry catches of Aerin could be that brief moment when their two times meet. And Luthe, not knowing yet wheather or not Arein has succeded refers to her in the past tense. Feedback PLEASE!!!!

From: elizabeth anne coon
Tuesday, September 02, 1997 at 23:41:05 (EDT)