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Tor and Aerin, the end of the story

OK, I'm basically going to say nothing here. I'm just so happy to have found this. I can never find anyone who has read this book. And I've read it so many times I swear I've got it memorized. Aerin is so amazing. I haven't read The Blue Sword, is it as good? All I know is that the concepts Robin McKinley has come up with are amazing and astounding. And its told so perfectly. It's one of those books that, by the time you get to the end, you want to read it again because you don't remember the little details in the first chapter. And her sense of humor is so wonderful too. I love the jokes she makes about Galanna and Perlith. (Galooney) And Tor is such an interesting addition. In the end I was still wondering if she really loved him or if she was just marrying him because she didn't have any other option. I mean, what if she only married him because she knew fate willed it? Please send me your thoughts on that. Anyway, i think that's it for now. Please respond!!

From: CatInHat07
Friday, September 05, 1997 at 23:40:30 (EDT)