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re: i found it!!!

THEN WHY IS BARNES AND NOBLE STILL TELLING ME IT HASN'T BEEN PUBLISHED YET?!?!? sorry, everybody, i just had to. i suppose i was probably wrong about amazon not really having it yet and just notifying people that it could be _ordered_. their message said you can order the school and library binding. is that the kind you found, Cameron? (probably not--they can supposedly only be bought by schools and libraries--but then how can amazon offer them to us?) speaking of libraries, WHY ISN'T MINE ORDERING IT? when they get a new book, it's usually on the computer under "on order" status for months before it's published. maybe i can use my lowly children's dept. shelvers' clout to get one ordered. of course by then i'd have my own copy, but it would be nice to know it was there for people to read. (i got a copy of _Rowan_ and _Black Beauty_ [two of Robin's picture books] checked out the other day by putting them on display on top of the shelves!!! it's these small triumphs that will make her a household name:)

From: Maren Williams
Tuesday, September 09, 1997 at 23:16:49 (EDT)