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re: movie

but remember Luthe has no accent in contrast to Aerin; that rules out sean connery unless they were all made scottish. and NOT BRAD PITT. he's not right for Luthe; Luthe has to be tall (i personally don't know how tall brad is), extremely thin and -- elegant. and i would hate it if stupid girls went to it just to see brad. for some reason i've always thought of Luthe as british; i think it would be best made by a small independent british company, like, um, some others i've seen. i don't remember either of their names; one of them was about some kids whose mother was a selkie; for the other one, and now i'm thinking that the other one i was thinking of was in fact the same film. anyway, something like that. didn't spielberg change jurassic park when he made it into a movie? and i don't think Robin would sell any of her stories; maybe if they let her approve the screenplay before they made it (and approve the movie before they released it).

From: Maren Williams
Friday, November 07, 1997 at 23:12:44 (EST)