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more movie actor suggestions

Ok, when I suggested Brad Pitt, I realized He was not quite right, even though he is blonde and tall and skinny, and with make-up he can look damn good. He was the closest I could think of. Probably an unknown would be best, but you must remember that in hollywood you have to get the audience to GO SEE the movie, and Brad Pitt would draw the masses. That said, someone mentioned Sean Connery. OK, too old. But he DOES have a son who is blonde, tall and skinny, or he was a few years ago when he made a robin hood series that sometimes you can catch on PBS. He's probably fat now. Carey Elwes, by the way is not as cute (or as thin) as he was in the Princess Bride. (pitty.) On another note, I saw that Sleeping Beauty movie on Showtime. I liked it. Grimm's original fairy tales are dark like that. Disney turned them into something cute.

From: elizabeth anne coon
Wednesday, November 19, 1997 at 23:07:23 (EST)