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Luthe, Tor, Corlath, and Ossin

"to let them go to anyone less than a strongly kelared king or master mage." Kelar is a genetic gift, not a proof of virtue and worth, as Perlith and Galanna should prove. Agsded was perhaps the most strongly kelared and mightiest mage of any human ever; would he have made a worthy husband for Aerin?

Aerin had more respect for Tor's skill with the kingship than you do, apparently, and while we see more of Ossin raising dogs, remember the line of his parents listening to him when he chose to comment on the royal petitions. And he seemed sensible enough in general (recall his line about winning princesses and Aerin) and sense is no small thing in a royal line. It tells more about him as a person than knowing whether he is a master mage. And who should Deerskin have married?

And, ah... they *did* listen to the women. Well, Corlath didn't, perhaps, but Tor *did* take down Maur's head; that's why it was waiting for them in the treasure chamber at the end of the book.

From: Damien R. Sullivan
Wednesday, August 13, 1997 at 22:29:20 (EDT)