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elizabeth's theory

Rose daughter is out, a sequel to Hero will be out in a few months . . . could my life possibly get any better? All I have to do now is track the damn books down! Elizabeth, I love your theory, although I'm a little bit uncertain about it from a cold logic point of view. Aerin comes back to live out her mortal life with Tor and therefore has to die, so how can she be still battling Agsded - Corlath refers to her and Tor's reign and if she's still alive . . . I'm confusing myself, so I doubt this will make sense to any of you! Still, I really like the idea that Aerin and Harry kill Tor/Agsded at the same time. It ties everything together so perfectly, it has to be right - even if it does twist logic a bit. Thank you, Elizabeth!

From: Robin K.
Friday, September 19, 1997 at 21:53:07 (EDT)