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selkies + eloise mcgraw

go away for a month, and look what I have to come back to! eyestrain! still, it's absolutly loverly to hear from all of you and I can't complain - Betty already hates me! Anyway - Cameron (and everybody else, too) an excellent book with selkies in it is Seaward, by Susan Cooper. It's beautiful - probably one of my favorite books - and one of the two main characters is a descendant of a selkie. And also the author of Moorchild (the book about the changeling), Eloise McGraw, is a really good author. She's written a lot of very different books, mostly historical fiction, but every one I've read has been good. Try Master Cornwall - it's a bout a boy living in London right after the great plague.

From: Robin K.
Friday, September 19, 1997 at 21:32:09 (EDT)