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it was Luthe!!! (i think)

i was reading Hero for the umpteenth time the other day when i noticed something i had never thought about before. in one of Aerin's conversations with Luthe, (shortly after he tells her she's no longer quite mortal, i think) when they were talking about how she was the chosen hero, and why she'd never known that before, he said something like "I thought you would recognize the true dreams i sent you as such." i always assumed he meant the dreams she had after she killed Maur, but this time i realized that Luthe was probably how she knew the story of her birth, which she was thinking about at the beginning of the book, of course. it fits, as she couldn't think of anyone she knew who would have told her the story. and she thought that her mother died of despair and not poison because, as Aerin said in the same conversation "The message did get a little confused somehow." anyway, that was my discovery of the week. does anyone else agree, or has everyone known this all along, or what?

From: Maren Williams
Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 21:20:40 (EDT)