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Differences between Aerin's and Harry's Damar

I read _Hero_ before _Sword_. And when I read _Hero_, I got the impression that Damar was a country like England. The diction used by the people seemed like normal English. Plus, the customs of the people seemed English. There were balls given by the king. They had horses and used saddles and stirrups. Plus, if the people of Damar looked like Aerin, then they must have had fair-skin and light colored eyes. Now, during Harry's time, Damar has changed drastically. It is 500 years after Maur. The people of Harry's Damar seem so different. They no longer seem like the English. They remind me of Arabic people - nomads travelling across desert sands on horseback. Plus, what happened to the reins, saddles, and stirrups that Aerin's Damarians used to use? Why do the people just lay blankets on horses backs and vault in order to mount? Can someone please explain the differences to me? I'm confused.

From: Linda Abcede
Wednesday, May 21, 1997 at 19:39:22 (EDT)