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Re: Harry's Grandma

Personally, I hope that Aerin is not Harry's great-grandmother. (Remember, it's Harry's great-grandmother, not grandmother, that was her ancestor from Damar.) That would mean that Harry and Corlath are related. The idea of relatives marrying each other, no matter how distantly related they are, gives me the creeps. However, I do agree that it is possible for Aerin to have been Harry's great-grandmother. Remember how Harry's second child was a daughter with red hair? Who did the baby inherit the red hair from? Definitely not Corlath. It seems like all of the Hillfolk during Corlath's time had dark hair and dark eyes. The baby must have inherited her hair from Harry's side of the family. Perhaps from Harry's great-grandmother Aerin?

From: Linda Abcede
Wednesday, May 21, 1997 at 19:29:57 (EDT)