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the Tor fairy-tale series

Of the fairy tale retellings series brought out by Tor I've read two, Briar Rose and Tam Lin. Briar Rose, by Jane Yolen, is absolutely wonderful - I definitly recommend it to anyone. It tells the story of the Holocaust in terms of the fairy tale of Briar Rose. It's beautiful, and very well written. Tam Lin I thought was also excellent, though my English teacher didn't like it. She said that it was too full of english literature referances and that it seemed self-important. However, I loved it - the references, perhaps, made me feel self-important for recognizing them, but still - I enjoyed it, and i thought it was very well written and I reread it often. Does anyone else have any comments on the book? From either side? I'd also like some comments on the other books in that series. So far I haven't searched any of them out - does anyone have any advice, suggestions? Robin K.

From: Robin K.
Saturday, June 21, 1997 at 19:22:35 (EDT)