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dragon slayer

I also liked that part when Perlith tells Aerin to go slay a dragon in front of everyone. He's trying to make it a horrible insult, but from what we see, it's no small task slaying a dragon, and he couldn't do it himself, if he dared to try. Sure, Aerin feels bad when he says that, but wouldn't anybody? I would if anyone made a sarcastic remark about my current status, even if I was alone with them. Then she goes and slays the dragon not only to help the people and save her homeland,but as if to say, "Make fun of me will you?" Perlith and his evil magic are just too much for me and I really don't like him, no matter howmuch someone might try and convince me. Okay, I'm done now, so I'll shut up!!

From: Kate
Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 18:54:12 (EST)