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Tor vs Luthe

I really think the issue isn't whether or not Aerin loved Tor or Luthe better. I think she loved them both. I also think that she denied her love for Tor because she felt it was a hopeless cause given her positon in her father's castle and the fact that he was taking her place as ruler of Damar ( not that Aerin wanted it, but just the gossip surrounding the whole thing). I love both Tor and Luthe equally and I honestly do not know who I would choose. But I want to challenge those of you who think Corlath rules. Why? Name one thing he does for Harry out of love and mutual respect for her, not out of duty and obedience to his country and his kelar. He never did one thing to show he cared until she was gone and that was wear her sash, which doesn't indicate a hell of a lot, considering he almost backed out of telling her.

From: Semera Suderman
Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 18:52:28 (EDT)