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did anyone else find the title story of A Knot in the Grain less satisfying than robin's other work? i think i enjoy her stories more when she sets them in mythical kingdoms than when they take place in the "real" world, as annabelle's story did. also i found the message of a knot in the grain depressing, since i took it to be that although annabelle may still read about faerietales, she won't let her life become one(since at the end she asks that the attic and its magical contents dissapear and leave her alone) - is the message then that she can never return to her chilhood beliefs(like the older children who eventually can no longer return to narnia)? is that the "we must grow up and leave innocence behind" message you all got? i wouldn't think robin would normally say such a thing, but that's the impression i got from that story.

From: cameron lynn
Thursday, January 16, 1997 at 18:50:34 (EST)