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Re: Corlath

I'm sorry, but I hated Corlath. I didn't think he and Harry should have gotten together at all. I love Luthe. I love Tor. I absolutely adore Mathin and Jack, but Corlath is a stubborn, stupid, contolling twit and i was so incredibly disappointed when harry and Colath declared their love for each other. I was also shocked because for me it came out of left field. I love the book and have reread it many times and each time I don't get any hint that Corlath thinks anything of Harry other than bewilderment, frustration and upon occasion, protectiveness like an older brother. And I think that Harry feels that she has to prove herself to him much like a younger sister proving to an older brother that she is finally a woman and to quit bugging her. No I am not a Corlath admirer and I probably never will be.

From: Semera Suderman
Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 18:43:11 (EDT)