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Poem which didn't get sent

I sent my poem over regular e-mail as an attachment, but I guess I need to write it here instead. Here it is: This is the story of a young sol's glory, and the proficy that made her a queen, and dubbed her cousin king. It all started when Gallanna fool-hearted, Told Aerin of her mother the queen, But you must remember that Gallana was quite mean. Then Gallanna made her eat the surka, which made Aerin quite hurt-a, and almost made her deceased, but she pulled out in one piece. During the sickness, she developed some quickness, and found a book. She took a look... The book taught her about dragons and their fire, which gave her quite an inquire, and her father's horse that was quite lame, wanted to walk again. She learned of kenet, which was her best bet against dragon fire, and it's supplier. She fought all the dragons in the land, this was her master plan, until a messenger told her the news that the great black dragon Maur was on the lose. She beat the dragon, but was wounded badly, and she thought she would die very sadly. She entered her dream portal, And met Luthe who made her immortal. She stayed in his great hall, then knew she had to leave by fall, Luther taught her of Agsded, her mother's evil brother, She fought him and slew him for her mother. She went through time, Luther made her unwind, They had a love affair, Although she was supposed to marry Tor, the heir. She needed to marry Tor with her mortal self, and put the memory of Luthe on a shelf, Luthe and Aerin were both immortal and knew they would meet in time, but in the meantime they would both shine. Before the battle of Agsded she met an army of cats and dogs, their leaders as stubborn as logs, and Luther gave her a blue sword to help her fight the Northern horde. As the battle of Damar wore on, the people were filled with despair, even the kingdom's new heir. Aerin knew it was because of Maur's head that the people were filled with dread. Aerin and Tor rid the town of Maur for good, by rolling his skull right out of their homie hood. The people were happy, but tired and nappy. Aeirin beat the horde, and married Tor. She was the almighty queen, and ruled her kingdom with her king. Daniel Kessler, age 12

From: Daniel Kessler
Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 18:19:31 (EST)