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re: Aerin the time-traveler

that's it, that's it, that's it! well, maybe. that could be it. i can't believe i never thought of it before, although i did notice another minor parallel. this scene occurs in BOTH BOOKS: girl on horse rides between two solid objects on either side of trail; folstza jumps over them, slightly annoying the horse. when i first noticed this, i assumed it was there to link Aerin and Harry symbolically. hmm... as for Luthe referring to Aerin in the past tense: remember when she told Luthe that everyone at home loved her so much already, and it would just be great fun if she became a mage? well, if she lived an unnaturally long time, the witchcraft rumors may have come back in full force. so Aerin lives with Luthe, and hides when people come, and he lets them go on thinking she's dead. but there are things wrong with my theory as well. first of all, they certainly didn't mind Luthe himself living that long. and i was going to say the Damarians came to love her, but that was only the peasants and not the decision-makers in the city. but it seems to me that Aerin is present and helping Harry all the way through _Sword_, instead of meeting her by chance at the end. but she could have helped Harry from a less distant past through most of _Sword_, knowing that in the end she and Harry would help each other vanquish their enemies. does anyone understand what i just said? i'm not sure i do. well, it's certainly a good idea, anyway, even if it doesn't work out, although i suspect it could be done.

From: Maren Williams
Friday, September 05, 1997 at 18:11:46 (EDT)