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Tor vs. Luthe; back to Rocky

What's wrong with marrying someone you love like a best friend? There's mutual like and trust and respect on both sides; the only thing that leaves out in a good marriage is passion, and I imagine that probably wasn't a problem. ;-) I would say Luthe was also her best friend, in a different way (again). Luthe being mean is a point of opinion, I guess -- but really, if you'd been alive since nearly before time began, wouldn't you be a bit contemptuous of mere mortals who've forgotten the things/magic that is central to your life? (I'm assuming you're referring to his resentment of Tor/Damar, Stormy.) Luthe may be immortal, but he's also only human. As for Aerin's loving him, Rocky, to what were you referring? Her, um, immoral behavior after the Agsded incident, or just the idea of her and Luthe in general?

From: Cheryl Klein
Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 18:02:48 (EDT)