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Is Aerin dead?

Ok. I've been getting up to date on messages, and a couple of them about Aerin and the afterlife jogged my memory [settle down and grab some munchies, this might take me awhile]. Anyway, my two friends (who I coerced into reading the Damar books) and I have had a general disagreement over whether Aerin is dead or not. My friends, being the romantics they are, take the alive side. I, being contrary, say she's dead (physically, not mentally). You don't exactly appear in campfires if you're dead. I know that I might be starting a bit of a long debate, but.... (it's gotten so that every time my friends see me they shout "Aerin is alive! Aerin is alive!", and just forget about the fact that we're in a public place). And Cheryl, you think you're bad? I can quote most of the parts of _Hero_ with Luthe or Tor in them, and I'm working on _Sword_. Really, it's a normal obsession.

From: Lauren
Sunday, June 01, 1997 at 18:01:32 (EDT)