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philosophy-really long

Well. I just finished a philosophy paper for my honors 180 course and I decided to do it on _Deerskin_. What a project. Her life is so full of philosophical discussions I could bring up, it's almost impossible to get them all in there. My prof told us to make our papers one-two pages with size 12 font. Mine ended up being three pages in size 10 font. We were discussing the personality types and how each makes ethical and moral choices in their lives and how the values they hold are set in their lives. I knew right when he told us about the paper I was going to do it on Lissar because she was a case for the philosophical mind. I ended up giving her approximately 4 personality types in her world and I explained how she chose them. I'd write my paper on here, but it would take forever, soI'll give a quick synopsis. First, Lissar, being a child, had a child's personality, going along with everyone else on the fact that her parents were the objects of adoration by all, but at her twelfth birthday ball, when she asks herself what she's capable of (bottom of pg.27, my book) she realizes her freedom, but doesn't show the world about her that she has this freedom inside her. That's why she feels so indifferent at her mother's death, because she realized that her parents weren't her objects of adoration and in order to be truly free and ethical, she didn't need to base her values and choices on anything else.Then when she said No to her father when he asked her to marry him, she showed the workld that she was capable of making her own decisoins and that she was truly free. But when she moved to the mountain and away from all people, she became sub-himan in the fact that she nearly denied her existence and the existence of other people. She didn't want to move back to her former world in the fact that there were people there. But then, she came back to the world after the goddess came to her and she became a passionate personality type with the puppies. Her life was consumed with the puppies and the fact that they had to live no matter what. She was a passionate person because she couldn't tear herself away from them and she had to take them with her when she left to the mountain again. And she became partially sub-human, yet she was still passionate over her dogs. Sooooo, (whew) she realized that she had to re-enter the human world because something was happening. So when she confronted her father, she fully and truly disclosed her moral choices (whether or not she should stop the wedding or allow her father to destroy nother life) to all. But then, she was still not really ethical because she still had to deal with the past and its effects upon her. But Ossin made her realize that she had to let the past go, and she promised to try. That's it!! All you philosophy buffs out ther, let me know what you think. Also, I based this paper on Simone de Beauvoir's Ethics of Ambiguity. Okay, Now I will shut up and let you get back to what you were doing.

From: Kate
Thursday, December 11, 1997 at 17:54:58 (EST)