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any other would-be writers out there?

i've been thinking of writing a children's fantasy novel for a scholarship project next year, which lately has been forcing me to examine my own personal writing process - robin has said her stories come onto the paper pretty much perfect the first time, which is very discouraging to me since i tend to second guess every word i put down (which is also tiring when i have to write dozens of english papers a semester). does anyone else out there have any insights on the writing process? i also wonder how far robin thinks her stories out in advance before writing them down - i think she's said she lives with them in her head for a long time and gets to know them very well, but that while she's writing she also surprises herself with plot twists she hadn't imagined before. it seems like she had all of _hero_ planned out before writing _sword_, which also discouraging since alot of the time i tend to just sit at my computer and see what happens without having a very clear idea of what i'm going to say beforehand(which isn't a good idea when writing essays for english class). ok, one more thing about robin's writing process and i'm done! robin has said she writes by ear, which i can understand although i'm more of a visualizer myself - so do any of you hear that soft voice saying the words in your head as you write them down or am i just nuts?(i already know i'm nuts but it would be reassuring to know if there are other nuts out there...)

From: cameron lynn
no e-mail til fall :(
Monday, June 16, 1997 at 17:49:40 (EDT)