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Worth the read

I thought Deerskin was certainly unique in the "shock" value of the storyline -- not just another young adult tale in that sense. What has impressed me each time I read it is that Ms. McKinley chose to take on a topic like sexual abuse (a serious social issue) and deal with it through the medium of a fairy tale. Deerskin tells the truth about this issue in a way that more "realistic" stories can sometimes cloud. I like the fact that Deerskin moves from being a victim without the will to make things happen for herself to a mature woman who makes the choice to not be a victim. It's an important message for all of us, whatever our circumstances and I think it makes Deerskin a success (at least for me!). It's not as "fun" as the other novels but it is powerful in a way that they aren't.

From: Johanna Wood
Monday, December 09, 1996 at 17:45:13 (EST)