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favorite parts of RD? complicated subplots?

for those of you who've read RD, what were your favorite parts/scenes/etc? one of my favorite parts was the addition/new twist robin made to the story for why the beast was changed into a beast - for trying to reach the boundaries of human perfection(through philosophy) - and being changed into a beast would certainly be a fitting punishment for aspiring to the limits of humanity - not that i necessarily think he should have been punished in the first place, but i thought robin's new explanation for his beasthood was even better than the explanation in _beauty_. i'm still a little confused about all the different story lines and rumors with the old woman and the simulacrum and the curse on the sisters and how all that fits together - if anyone has a clear and concise explanation, please let me know!(and of course i'll reread RD again as soon as i get the chance)!

From: cameron lynn
Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 17:44:25 (EDT)