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re: similarities with Disney's B&tB

i found the original in _The Blue Fairy Book_. it says it was written by Madame de Villeneuve. it does have the library and the birds: "The next room was a library, and she saw everything she had ever wanted to read, as well as everything she had read, and it seemed to her that a whole lifetime would not be enough even to read the names of the books, there were so many....Then there was an aviary full of rare birds, which were so tame that they flew to Beauty as soon as they saw her, and perched upon her shoulders and her head. 'Pretty little creatures,' she said, 'how I wish that your cage was nearer to my room, that I might often hear you sing!' So saying she opened a door, and found to her delight that it led into her own room, though she had thought that it was quite the other side of the palace." i do think Disney took quite a bit from Robin. for instance, in the original, no other mention of books was made. the library scene probably wasn't enough to give disney the idea to make their Beauty a bookworm, but Robin's version certainly would have.

From: Maren Williams
Tuesday, October 29, 1996 at 17:40:23 (EST)