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Tor vs. Luthe

Aern is totally mean! She marries a man she does not love with all of her heart, most of her love is for Luthe. Tor knows there is someone else, but loves her with all of his heart. I guess love is blind, after all. Luthe may have been mysterious and he did take good care of Aern when she was ill, but does that make him worthy of her love? NO! Aern didn't have to marry Tor. It says that her love for Luthe made her realize her love for Tor, but in truth, she loves Tor like a brother or close friend. She didn't have to marry Tor. She could have waited for Luthe. Luthe is also very sly. Tor is sturdy and good. Tor loves her for what Aern is. Luthe loves her in his way, but Tor's love is pure.

From: Stormy
Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 17:20:28 (EDT)