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Lady Aerin:Dragon Slayer

I loved this book! This was the book that made me start reading Robin's novels. I mean, if I had never stopped in the library to look at the cover(oh. and a special thanks to the cover artist as well,since if the cover had been boring i prob would have passed it up), I never would have read the book, and I would have missed out on so many of Robin's novels. Well,actually, I did read a Knot in the grain before i read this,but even though i read that book twice and loved it, it was this book that made me a fan. Anyway, I loved Aerin because she was a lot like me. Like everyone told her she wasn't lady-like, and even though Aerin knew it was true, she never once sacrificed her own personality and happiness to please anyone else. And she won lvoe by staying true to herself, as well as glory,honor and fame. I loved how the evil man,her cousin or something, was teasing her and then he said:"Go slay a dragon,lady. Lady Aerin, dragon slayer!" Not that i loved how he was mean to her,cause he made me mad, but i loved how it turned out that that was what happened to her. Like I loved how she nursed the batle horse back to health,and how she met the huge cats and dogs, and how she rode into battle, waving gonturan, and i just loved it!

From: Lauren
Saturday, November 22, 1997 at 17:03:23 (EST)