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Having seen Disney's B&B just last night AGAIN, I have t say, WHAT IS HE THINKING!!1 Beauty is a n only chlid the beast turns back to a man, the whole rose thing is totally diffrent, not to mention how he came t be a beast! Sheesh, somepeople need to think carefully bout what they are saying, cause he should be just about choking to death on his foot right now. If anything Disney was a revised Beaut, but to even make such a comparison about either of Robin's books doesn't give a very good show of any sort of sense, since the dfferences ar too numerous than the similarities and and outside of the basics of the story I can't think of any real similarities. He wwoud do well to pay more attention to his comparisons in a effort to make some that have a version of accuracy.

From: Carrie
Saturday, November 22, 1997 at 16:57:54 (EST)