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Saving old messages

I don't know any better way of saving all the old messages except opening up the source code for each one (bleggggh). But if we do do that, once we have them, let's organize them differently. Could a new page link all the "fairy tale books" discussion on the Beauty page under one topic? All the Corlath/Luthe/Tor arguments under another? And movie discussions under another? (Not necessarily separate discussion topics, but subtopics under the main discussion topics...) this might keep the discussion "flowing" better and let newbies see more easily what's already been said. (Again, I encourage new page-builders to check out the
Republic of Pemberley's discussion boards (those last five words are links) to see a really good discussion setup, which the SiteAdmin took from Matt's Script Archive (link at the bottom of that page). I have no right to tell anyone how to work his or her pages; but this format (Amanda's) has problems, and I think Pemberley-style boards could alleviate them.

From: Cheryl K
Wednesday, November 05, 1997 at 16:56:47 (EST)