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I totally understand it

Okay, I loved the book, and I totally got it. In the end, I understood what happened. I read the book all the way through once, and then i read it partially a second time. It is really interesting and a deep book. It explores more than just the plain fairy tales. Um, Lissar is strong in the sense that she comes back from being raped by her father, which is not only a violation of her personal space and body and trust, but a deep betrayal. She had to leave after being totally humiliated, then find her way to an unknown town and remake herself. And she succedded. I loved this book. I loved the deep bond between Lissar and her dog. I forgot the dogs name,but the drawing was wondeful. Anyway, when Lissar and her dog get to the new town, she is with a totally new crowd, and she makes herself fit in, but not by conforming to their standards. Lissar sets a new standard for herself,which says something about her character makeup. I loved it because it was like a surviver story,which i love to see how these people find the strength within themselves to fight back, if not with the law,violence, but with the truth and by taking back their life. I mean, the material makeup of this book reminds me of a saying that most people say at rape ralleys, u know that saying: Take Back the Night? Well, this story reminds me of that,because in a sense, Lissar did take back the night. She fought back by triumphing where others would have failed,and where her father wanted her to fail. I liked when the Moon lady came down and helped Lissar. Liek the gifts she gave her, time and something else. I loved how she helped remake Lissar into something better, but she also knew and let Lissar know that the real healing would have to come from within.And so it did. Like, when Lissar awoke, she ad changed as well as her dog. And in the end, when she had won the love of the prince, and her father came to the pallace to bless the happy couple, Lissar knew what needed to be done to put her soul at rest, at peace. She didn't try to kill him or attack him, which was interesting. She stood before him and she told her story. And it showed the strength of simply standing up for what u know is wrong,which Lissar did. And whens he confronted her father inf ront of all those people,and then everyone knew where the princess Lissar had gone to it made the king realize just what he'd done, though i'm sure he knew what he'd done before. And it also called him out in front of everyone so that whether he liked it or not,and whether he wanted to or not, he would now have to face the consequences of his betrayal. And the part of the story where Lissar's hair turned from gray to black, because it was the blood that turned it that color, I loved it. It took me a little while to kind of realize why she was bleeding, and I never really did, but I did know that once she had put what had really happened out in the open, she ensured that her father would now pay the full price for his crimes. And that she could now be at peace. Like, the prince was not in the least deterred from her. he still loved and wanted her and so when he sought and found her,it was good. I loved the ending because though not all things were resolved, the major ones were. And the story's ending left to wonder how Lissar would fare now that the majority of her ordeal was over.

From: Lauren
Saturday, November 22, 1997 at 16:56:40 (EST)