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re: audio tapes

i don't think she read them herself; i had never even considered it. but there are two ways you could hear her voice: some libraries have a tape of her newbery acceptance speech, but not many. the nearest one to me is in a small town about an hour away, and they won't do interlibrary loan with tapes. someday i'm going to go there and listen to it, but i haven't had time yet (it's half an hour long, by the way). the speech is also on the web somewhere, but my computer cut out after about a paragraph, and i wouldn't have known what she was saying if i hadn't been reading along because my speakers are horrid. i don't know if the whole speech is actually there. a print version of it can be found in an old "horn book", but i have no idea which one. i will post the address of the speech in a few minutes.

From: Maren Williams
Friday, January 31, 1997 at 16:54:30 (EST)