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re: movie?

i have been wishing forever that they would make it into a movie; but shouldn't they do _Sword_ first (even though _Hero_ is my favorite)? the reason Robin wrote them chronologically backwards was so that you get a sort of shining, heroic image of Aerin, and then you go back and find out she had problems of her own, too. on the subject of Luthe: i think John Shea would work, simply because i have a crush on him as well as Luthe. He was the late Lex Luthor on Lois and Clark (which i stopped watching after he left); he was also in the very good 1982 film "Missing". his hair is already extremely curly; if he grew it longer and dyed it blond, it would work.

From: Maren Williams
Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 16:50:18 (EST)