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allusions again

ok, the characters in those literary allusions i mentioned earlier are as follows(and i'm only spelling phonetically): harry feversham and ethnay, beau jeste and isabelle, and caddie woodlawn - so if anyone knows what books these people come from, please tell me... there were also some authors such as Haggard and P.C. Wren that i'd never heard of - can anyone recommend some of their books? (has anyone read and liked _the sheik_?)i feel so terrible that i've never read any of these books that were obviously so terribly important to robin, although it's probably because i wasted so much of my childhood reading the babysitters club and sweet valley twins. o yeah, one more author robin mentioned was baroness d'orsey - did she write faerie tales and if so which ones?

From: cameron lynn
none til fall
Monday, August 18, 1997 at 16:32:18 (EDT)