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Re: Lhurgoyf

Hi! As a mom of an 11 yr old and a 13 yr old (and a 19 yr old and a daughter who would have been 25 this month, but died at 21), I guess I agree with your mom about this one. Subject matter a bit violent and nightmarish for a 12 yr. old (even for me... this was NOT one of my favorite Robins), but I guess you'd expect a mom to say that! Have you read Beauty yet? Great book! Rose Cottage is the next Robin book coming and it sounds like a psychological study of the B&TB story. I can't imagine what she could add to it. Beauty is as close to the perfect book as one can expect! PS What does "Lhurgoyf" stand for?

From: Betty
Sunday, August 24, 1997 at 16:06:53 (EDT)