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re: rose daughter

a while back, the library of congress database changed the name listed for the book from _The Rose Cottage_ to _The Rose Daughter_. i figured it was a mistake on the LOC's part, but maybe that really is the name, since both amazon and b&n list it that way. as for _Stories From the Jungle Book_: i read it at my library; it's similar to Robin's version of _Black Beauty_, if you've read that: her style is still wonderfully recognizable, but it's definitely written for children. and i didn't even think to look when i was reading whether Robin illustrated it or not; this is the first i've heard of it (or even of Robin possibly being a capable illustrator). i'll check what it says on the book when i'm at the library on saturday.

From: Maren Williams
Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 15:39:51 (EDT)