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sad girl and Hero (or possibly Sword) audiotape

For some reason, I had always connected the dark haired girl with Corlath's mother (the one who couldn't bear gonturan) and also with Aerin's mother, I guess because of the sadness and the dark hair - although I suppose Aerin's mother would have been light, considering Aerin's red hair. I would be interested to find out more about Corlath's mother, and that time, with the country failing, and women no longer warriors for the most part, and the royal family declining. It's not really the 'fantasy' aspect that I would be interested in, but the relationships, and the culture of the time. There could be fantasy story hidden in there, though - who knows. It would make an interesting book in any case. An audiotape book - I think of Hero, but maybe it was the Blue Sword, I'll check - has shown up in Toronto library computers as on order - does anyone know anything about this? Who reads it? Is it abridged? I'm wondering, also, if this is the mysterious sequel. Does anyone know anything more about that? Robin K.

From: Robin K.
Saturday, October 18, 1997 at 15:36:45 (EDT)