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Cynthia Voigt

Hi, Cameron! Yes, I've read about everything by Voigt and I've even got one (A Solitary Blue) autographed by her. I wrote to her and asked her to donate something to our school library's silent auction and she sent it back (which I was high bidder on later) and a black plastic spider ring for me. She explained, "I keep these in my desk and wear them according to what kind of [lousy] day I'm having... you know, there are one-spider days, two-spider days, etc." I still have it, hanging on my bulletin board at the library (where most days are at least one-spider days, but that's another subject). Actually, I've been meaning to mention that story to you, after you asked if you should write to Robin. Yes, my experience with authors is that they love fan mail and often write back. I've gotten handwritten letters from at least a half dozen of my favorites and even a copy of the book I complimented, from several of them! As an author myself(albeit not famous or well-paid... yet, I treasure the few pieces of fan mail I've received. Many days, you read what you just wrote and ask yourself despairingly whoever told you you could write. Then, you haul out your (pitifully few) acceptance letters, check stubs and fan letters and remind yourself, at least a few people think you can. So, you keep on. Some days, an encouraging letter could make the difference between an author continuing to write and going out to look for a fastfood job! As for Voigt's books, my favorites by her are _Jackaroo_ and _On Fortune's Wheel_ (kind of a Robin Hood/Zorro kind of appeal), but I liked the Tillermans, too. I didn't care for the ones you mentioned. I also really liked _Izzy, Willy-Nilly_ , _Come a Stranger_, and _The Runner_. Let me know what you think.

From: Betty
Wednesday, December 31, 1997 at 13:50:25 (EST)