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Rose Daughter-WOW!

Well, I finally got my special order copy of RD (The one really bad thing about small towns, no big bookstores.) I sat down last night and read it through. I was blown away. I personally loved the ending! It was so much better that just...naming them. I also loved the dreams, etc. My only complaint is about the section with Jack Trueword.(well, I marked it spoilers.) I think she needed more of him, he was essential to the sort of-unraveling at the end, so we couldn't just cut that part, but doing more so as to make his appearence more fitting would have been good. one question-does this make beauty related to the old woman (she-who-talks-alot, or whichever? I'm sorry, I'll have to reread it again this weekend to try and memorize it.) At any rate I was really impressed!!

From: Carrie
Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 13:46:13 (EDT)