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loose ends

first of all, everyone keeps talking about how maybe Aerin's mortal part would have died later on; but the book says "the time she lived now was not her own." this, frustratingly, implies that she was completely immortal already. the "no longer quite mortal" part could just be Luthe trying not to make it sound as bad as it really is. secondly, on the subject of a Damar trilogy: yesterday at the library, i found the newest volume of _something about the author_ which has an entry on Robin in it. it's more or less the same as the ones i already have, with a few comments about _Deerskin_ added, plus this: she said, "Damar has never been a trilogy" (which, i would like to say with all love and deference towards Robin, contrasts what she said in the 1986 entry, when she said something about how, when she was finishing _Hero_, she realized she had written past the end of the book, and that's when she realized that Aerin's story wasn't done yet). the book also restated her fear of losing Damar after it's all been written down; she's always said that she would stop writing about Damar if she thought she would lose it. i think this means we should all accept that there will be no more Damar books, and enjoy _The Rose Cottage_ instead.

From: Maren Williams
Sunday, June 01, 1997 at 13:38:51 (EDT)