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This should have gone under specific books

Sorry, i meant to put this under the books. oh well. My first comment is about "The Outlaws of Sherwood". Did any one else think the ending was short? It didn't seem like a real ending. Just to send them all off to the holy land seemed like a quick fix. My second comment is reguarding "Beauty". I first read this book in third grade and it has remained my favorite book since then. I am now a high school Senior. I have given much thought to the ending of the book and I believe I know why she becomes beautiful. Each of the sisters had to fit her given name. Hope had all her hopes come true. She got to marry Ger and keep her family with her. She also hopes for Beauty's return. Grace accepted the move and Robbie's loss with good grace. That leaves Beauty/Honour who had two names to fill. She obviously displayed honor when she went back to the Beast to honor her promise. In the end she must become beautiful so she can fulfill her other name. THE END

From: Darcy Hamon
Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 13:37:25 (EST)