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hi, my name is elizabeth and i'm a robin mckinly addict

hello everyone. i can't tell you how thrilled i am to find there are other people in the world as obsessed with robin mckinley as i am. I was first introduced to her way back in high school ( i'm only 25, but it seems a long time ago). I found a copy of HERO in the library and loved it so much that i told the librarian to order TBS right away (which she did, because i was her best customer). I was disappointed with TBS because aerin wasn't in it enough. i had fallen completely in love with her because i admired her courage, and even though TBS was a good adventure, i did not feel this admiration for harry. perhaps this is because aerin had to face her destiny alone, while harry had friends to help her along. Also because aerin was ostracized from birth and yet she felt no hatred toward those who condemmed her. she could have been justified in growing up bitter, bur she loved her people so much she was willing to sacrifice her life to fight maur (and by the way the descriptiveness of this encounter left me with goosebumps) and another evil twice as great. recently, I rediscovered both books. they were so delicious that i couldn't get enough. i immediately ran down to my local barnes and noble to find out if robin had written anything else. to my delight, i found a couple new books, which i am reading now, but no other installments in the series. boo hoo. aerin has become my drug...i need more! then it occurred...the internet! surely there are other as addicted as i am. so here you are, and here i am, ready to put in my cents worth of opinion.

From: elizabeth anne coon
Tuesday, September 02, 1997 at 13:16:49 (EDT)