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more bad beauty books

thanks for the warning about _the rose_ - two "real life" variations of beauty and the beast to avoid are _beauty_ by rita wilson and _i'll be seeing you_(although in that it's the girl who's deformed) - some good variations, however, are a book called _a night without stars_ - it's by the same guy who wrote _bunnicula_ but i can't remember his name(howard ashman?), and the movie "mask" with eric stoltz and laura dern (and cher as his mother) - i guess you could count "the elephant man" as another one, although the only "beauty" there would be his actress friend... p.s. - i got the title wrong on the book by c.s. lewis that i mentioned awhile ago - it's _Till we have faces_.

From: cameron lynn
none til fall
Sunday, August 03, 1997 at 12:43:27 (EDT)