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Tor, Poor or Not

A big part of the "poor Tor" problem is that Aerin shows no conscious signs of romantic love for Tor until *after* she falls in love with Luthe, so it seems as if she doesn't love Tor quite as fully, like maybe he's just a mortal substitute for Luthe. I don't think it's a subsitute love so much as another part of her nature -- her human side loves Tor, for what they have in common (Damar); her immortal side loves Luthe, for what they have in common (immortality). And she loves them both for just being beautiful, sensitive, and courageous men, who love her madly in turn. ;-) If we are to pity Tor for anything, I guess it's for not being immortal -- though that would certainly make things complicated for Aerin. BTW, does anyone else just *love* the parts when Luthe acts jealous of Tor--especially since at that time Aerin doesn't believe she's in love with the latter? I almost suspect Luthe of dipping Aerin in the Lake just so he could have her in the afterworld!

From: Cheryl Klein
Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 12:30:10 (EDT)