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"Her heritage, like her love, was double..."

In light of all of yesterday's discussion, I had to go back and read _Hero_ again -- darn. :) In any case, check out Tor's proposal scene in the next-to-the-last chapter, right after he's asked her to marry him; Aerin's thinking about her answer, and the narrator says "Her heritage, like her love was double; and it was her love for Luthe that made her recognize her love for Tor" (paraphrase; I don't have the book in front of me). In any case, it pretty much sums up neatly that her human and Damarian self loves Tor, and she can put away her not-quite-mortal self that loves Luthe until later. It's not a matter of loving one more than the other; it's loving both at different times. Also note that when Tor catches her up in his arms to kiss her "neither noticed the pain of burst blisters" -- pretty good indication of passion, wouldn't you think? Good grief, I can't wait for "Rose Cottage" -- with this constant rereading, I think I'm memorizing all of Robin's work, which, while enjoyable, probably isn't healthy. :)

From: Cheryl Klein
Friday, May 30, 1997 at 12:24:01 (EDT)