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Rose Cottage & Beauty

Back again! I realize now that I posted my note in the "Beauty" section without really saying anything about the book! "Beauty" is my favorite book as I have said before and might I add that I have three copies of it - for those of you who think I might be insincere after my last slightly-psychotic-with-excitment posting! I have yet to read an author who writes so well when it comes to description of everyday events such as life at home with Grace and Hope and eventually Ger. The only other book which comes close is "Phantom" by Susan Kay which is also a retelling, describing the life and times of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. (That also happens to be the only other book I own three copies of!) I highly suggest it for anyone who likes Ms. McKinley's style of writing. But back to "Beauty" . . . for those people who were dissapointed by the ending, please consider the possibility that when Honor became Beautiful at the end of the story it could have been written to physically show the change that had been brought about not only in her view and recognition of herself but in the Beast also and her effect on him. He was no longer ugly in her eyes so why should she be so in his or her own? Yikes, gotta run and I am sure this posting is long ennough for the most avid reader of Ms. McKinley! T.T.F.N. ;-)

From: Elizabeth Nelson
Tuesday, February 04, 1997 at 12:15:44 (EST)