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Rocky's Assertion of _Sword_ Superiority; my one complaint about Robin (long, typically)

Hey there! I'd hold off for a moment before I declared any of Robin's books the "best" one, or even better than the others -- just like anything else, you have to look at them individually. _Blue Sword_ is more of an adventure novel than _Hero_, which is more classic/straight fantasy. I visualize them with different "auras," sort of: _Sword_ is yellow, like the desert and kelar eyes, and _Hero_ is red, like Maur's breath and Aerin's hair. And which is better, yellow or red? Having said that: while I love them both, I read _Hero_ first, and felt slightly let down by _Sword_ after everything that happens in _Hero_ (by my count, the latter book has at least three climaxes). Which is my one complaint about Robin: she writes so well and so smoothly that there's no discernible difference when you reach a really major point in the story, so that all the events (from the post-kenet ball to the defeat of Maur) seem to have the same weight. However, I certainly don't want her to change her writing style, and I don't think she can improve it any; so, let things continue as they are, and I'll be perfectly happy. :-)

From: Cheryl Klein
Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 12:08:12 (EDT)